As part of our campaign to save as much as possible from landfill, we sometimes have free items.  As you'll understand, free items don't help pay our bills so we don't always have freebies on offer

Freebies can pop up any day that we're open and we give away, totally free, items that may have lingered a while in the warehouse or may need some extra TLC to tidy them up ... or simply if we've run out of space to keep them.  We ask that you make a donation (size of donation is up to you) to our collection for Hope House Children's Hospices

Please note that we have to be strict to give everyone a fair chance.  All we need is for you to ask before you take and give us your postcode.  If the weather's bad, we make arrangements to keep things inside, so just ask if we have anything for free.  It's as simple as that ... but most people can't resist a look around the warehouse, too! 

No item may be taken when the warehouse is closed.  CCTV is on operation and we will take action if items are stolen

A plea: please be fair and only take what you need or yourself or people you're supporting/helping, with a limit of three items per household as a general rule.  We do not allow items to be taken for resale elsewhere - it's just not in the true spirit!

Information - and often pics - will be posted on our Facebook page 

Note that these items are for personal use only and  ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR RESALE

Delivery service may be available on the day in the Wrexham area for a small fee.  Please just ask for information

Thank you!

Please note the following:
• You need to give your name, house number and postcode to a member of our team BEFORE you take an item
• Items are strictly for your own personal use and are absolutely NOT FOR RESALE or PROFIT
• Items will not be reserved – they must be removed on the day, as this event is to help us clear some space
• ‘Thank you’ is a simple phrase