Our environmental policy

New 2 You: Wrexham Reuse Centre is a not-for-profit organisation working to provide secondhand furniture and household goods to those on low incomes in the Wrexham area

Our activities not only provide an essential service to the community and its members, but also educate individuals and encourage them to place unwanted items in the reuse and recycle stream, thereby reducing the quantity of items sent to landfill and reducing demand on the production of new goods

All staff associated with New 2 You have an influence on the environment in the undertaking of their daily duties, as well as in their wider lives.  We are committed to adopting working practices that will help to have a positive effect: assisting towards continued environmental improvement, preventing pollution and reducing negative influences caused by our activities

This environmental policy covers all aspects of our operation. In particular we shall:

  1. Reduce the amount of waste generated by reducing, reusing and recycling as far as possible.  Particular attention will be paid to unsold or surplus items which can not be sold.  These will follow a process to minimise waste, as follows:
  • Items that can be returned to a saleable state by a volunteer will be repaired.
  • Items that have not been sold or need additional work, will be offered through the Freecycle movement with the aim of further reducing waste
  • When items are damaged beyond economical repair and/or have not been taken through Freecycle, they will be broken down into their constituent parts, e.g. wood and plastic, and put into the correct recycling skip at Wrexham County Borough Council’s Household Recycling Centre
  • No item will be scrapped if a use can be found for it and we have space to store it

2.  Recognise the procurement and use of products/services which have minimal environmental and social impact.  In particular, we shall:

  • Buy locally
  • Buy items with lower environmental impact as far as possible  

3.  Use energy and water in an efficient way.  In particular, we shall:

  • seek the best possible tariffs and best value for utilities
  • ensure that account is taken of energy efficiency in our daily operations

4. Reduce the impact of vehicle emissions by encouraging the application of sustainable principles of traveling.  In particular, we shall:

  • ensure that the vehicle is kept in the best possible condition, taking account of its age
  • arrange collections and deliveries to take account of efficiency and use of fuel

5. Provide training, advice and guidance to staff as necessary to keep them updated on our aims, policies and current issues to encourage best practice

6.  Ensure compliance with environmental legislation relevant to our activities

7. Make partner and contact organisations aware of our aims and policies and encourage them to develop their own environmental practices

This policy will be maintained by the Board and staff of New 2 You: Wrexham Reuse Centre, reviewed on a regular basis and implemented by all involved in our operations

It is the responsibility of all volunteers, employees, visitors and contractors to fully and willingly support this Environmental Policy through active co-operation and participation

Last updated: 19 August 2010