Donating items

From single items to house clearances

We rely on the generosity of individuals to keep our service running, so that we can provide essential furniture to those needing it most

To keep our expenses down, we'd ideally like you to drop items off at our warehouse.  For larger items, we are happy to collect within the Wrexham County Borough area at no charge

Just call us on 01978 449121 to arrange collection.  We'll ask for your address and contact details, information on the items you'd like to donate and agree a collection date with you

Some key points to consider about furniture and household goods:

We can only take items that are in reasonable to good condition or which can be made good with minor work by our volunteers 

Upholstered items - sofas and suites - have to comply with fire regulations.  You should find a label attached on the base, seat or sometimes underneath an item's frame

Please don't offer items that are stained, torn, ripped or threadbare or have suffered pet attack of similar!  We so dislike refusing an item. but there may be times when we have to.  Our driver will advise you if this is the case.and will be happy to discuss it with you

Some key points to consider about other items:

We can use all sorts of bric-a-brac, which we can sell to raise funds to pay our bills and keep New 2 You working

Clothes and shoes are welcome, as they have reuse options: they are either sold, donated to people being rehoused or sent for recycling - generating funds.  Linen, bedding and curtains follow the same routes

Toys can also be rehomed, as can prams and other major baby items

Books and records of all kinds are always welcome, too

You can see that we can reuse most things.  If you're in any doubt, just phone us or pop in to see us for advice

Thank you for thinking of us and others, by giving your items for reuse