Our stock

We try to ensure that we have a good range of household furniture in stock for immediate purchase

This does, however, depend on donations, so we can't guarantee that some items will always be available.  We struggle to get enough white goods - fridges and washing machines, for example - to meet demand and beds are often snapped up as soon as they come in, too

That said, you will always find some great 3 piece suites, sofas, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside cabinets and tables and chairs at reasonable prices

Average prices - some may be more and some less than average:

3 piece suites: £80
Wardrobes: single £20-30; double £20-40
Chests of drawers: £15-30, depending on size and number of drawers
Bedside cabinets: £10-25
Dining table and chairs: £50-80

We can deliver to you for a small charge towards costs.  Currently, the charges are £5 for within Caia Park and £10 to £15 for the wider Wrexham area.  If you're further afield, we can usually work something out for you
Please note that the charges cover delivery of one van load