Welcome to New 2 You: Wrexham Reuse Centre

New 2 You: Wrexham Reuse Centre is a non-profit-making reuse organisation, run mainly  by community volunteers  .

We provide low cost, recycled and second hand furniture and household goods primarily to those on low incomes, but everyone is welcome here

Our activities not only provide an essential service to the community and its members, but also educate individuals and encourage them to place unwanted items in the reuse and recycle stream, thereby reducing the quantity of items sent to landfill and reducing demand on the production of new goods

We'll be open on GOOD FRIDAY, 18 April, from 9am until 4pm.  We'll then remain closed until 9am Tuesday, so come and see us Friday so that we're not 'billy-no-mates'!

LATEST UPDATE ................Next Freebie mid-week special - Thursday 26 September 2013
See 'Freebie Saturdays' page for full details

LATEST UPDATE 6 August 2013

LATEST UPDATE ... July 2013

Late evening opening at New 2 You starts Thursday 18 July when we'll be open from 9am until 7pm

Our warehouse is wheelchair accessible, with a flat entrance from the rear car park

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A corner of the warehouse